Contoh Soal Tes UKG Bahasa Inggris SMA

Contoh Soal Tes UKG Bahasa Inggris SMA – Inilah kisi-kisi bahasa inggris SMA dan contoh soal tes uji kompetensi guru (UKG) mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk SMA (Sekolah Menengah Atas) yang dapat Anda download secara gratis.

Apakah Anda sedang mencari contoh soal atau kisi-kisi tes latihan mapel Bahasa Inggris UKG SMA terbaru dan terlengkap?

Contoh soal tes UKG Bahasa Inggris SMA

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal tes Bahasa Inggris jenjang SMA untuk uji kompetensi guru.

Choose the correct answer.

1. I saw the coach on the field after the game, and he seemed ……

A. real angry B. very angrily C. angrily D. angry

2. Doreen was so furious that she almost stopped playing the piano because her teacher insisted that she …… her scales

A. to practice B. practice C. practicing D. practiced

3. Little Mary did not go to the party. I understand that she was unhappy that …..

A. she could not go B. she would not be able to go

C. can’t go D. is not able to go

4. I am still here because I …… my plane to Jakarta.

A. just miss B. just am missing

C. just missed D. almost missed

5. Ms. Conover? She is the person …… to that man in the corner.

A. who is talking B. which is talking C. who talks D. who talked

6. The parcels I just brought into the house …… on the table.

A. are laying B. are lying C. lying D. laying

7. The workers are all gone. Because of the bad weather, the boss permitted them …… early.

A. leave B. to leaving C. to be going D. to leave

8. Many people have seen that film several times. I saw it and found it not very ……

A. interested B. interesting C. of interest D. interest

9. The bank refused to cash your check because you …… it.

A. don’t sign B. didn’t sign C. are not signing D. shall not sign

10. Son, I’d really like you …… a little harder in school.

A. studying B. to be studying C. study D. to study

11. He has just finished fixing the door and it looks as though …… a very hard job.

A. to be B. it was C. it must have been D. it must be

12. How was your weekend, Terry? It …. well.

A. go B. goes C. going D. went

13. Probably …… little oil left under the North Sea by the year of 2010.

A. will be B. there will be C. it will be D. will there be

14. Do you like these trousers? No, …. look very nice.

A. it doesn’t B. that doesn’t C. they don’t D. there don’t

15. Napoleon …… the West Indian Island of Santo Domingo in 1801.

A. attacking B. attacked C. is attacking D. has attacked

16. On Mercator’s maps, the far northern and southern polar regions are……

A. greatly exaggerated in area B. exaggerating greatly in area

C. greatly exaggerate in area D. great exaggeration in area

17. Reading is your hobby, ….?

A. aren’t you B. are you C. is it D. isn’t it

18. …… , the match had to be postponed.

A. Because snowing B. Because was snowing

C. Because there was snowing D. Because it was snowing

19. When I looked into his room, he …. soundly in his bed.

A. slept B. was sleeping C. was slept D. had slept

20. Is it necessary …. the book immediately ?

A. for him to return B. that he return C. his returning D. him to return

21. Lightning rarely …… twice in the same place.

A. is striking B. strikes C. does it strike D. it strikes

22. The new teacher in our class …. the exercises.

A. made the students do B. has the students doing

C. gets the students do D. made the students to do

23. The package containing books and records …. last week.

A. is delivered B. was delivered C. are delivered D. were delivered

24. The two new students …. during the coffee break.

A. being acquainted B. got acquainted

C. acquainting themselves D. made known to each other

25. …. five laps around the track, Kenny was too tired to attend his English class.

A. To run B. He ran C. After running D. Running

26. Not only ……, but he also owned a movie studio.

A. Hughes owned Las Vegas hotels B. did Hughes own Las Vegas hotels

C. owned Hughes Las Vegas hotels D. Las Vegas hotels owned Hughes

27. …. if we walk on the grass ?

A. Do you want B. Are you minded C. Do you mind D. Do you think

28. It’s Robert’s job …. the dogs and put out the cats.

A. food B. to feed C. having fed D. has fed

29. People usually can get a sufficient amount of the calcium their bodies …… from the food they consume.

A. need B. needs C. needing D. to need

30. We are proud …. the success of our effort.

A. to announce B. announcing C. for announcing D. to be announcing

31. It would be disastrous …. that.

A. for John doing B. for John to do C. for John did

D. for John do

32. So far there is no vaccine …… in sight for the common cold.

A. or cure B. has cured C. or curing D. having cured

33. One of the librarian’s duties …. helping students.

A. are B. is C. has to be D. will

34. When did she dial the operator ?

A. Tomorrow morning. B. After she finishes her study.

C. Next week. D. After she had had dinner.

35. Only one foreign student …. Indonesian food yet.

A. isn’t used to eat B. isn’t used to eating

C. isn’t used to be eating D. didn’t use to eating

36. In the past, the elderly couple …. than stayed at home.

A. would rather travel B. would have rather travelled

C. would rather travelled D. would rather have travelled

37. I want to see you tomorrow. What …. at ten o’clock tomorrow ?

A. will you do B. will you be doing

C. have you done D. are you going to do

38. This morning I …. the book there.

A. couldn’t find B. could not be found C. cannot find D. can find

39. Kitchen appliances called blenders became …… in the 1930s, when Stephen J. Poplawski developed a machine that excelled at making his favorite drink.

A. establish B. establishing C. established D. which establish

40. Our furniture …. of excellent teak.

A. makes B. is made C. is making D. has made

Selamat mencoba latihan contoh soal ujian tes UKG untuk mapel Bahasa Inggris jenjang SMA. Semoga saja SOAL Bahasa Inggris UKG SMA ini bermanfaat untuk Anda.

Jika Anda ingin mencari soal latihan tes UKG untuk mata pelajaran lainnya (TIK, Penjas, Bahasa Indonesia, IPA, PKn, Matematika, IPS, BK, dll.) atau untuk jenjang kelas lainnya (PAUD, TK, SD, SDLB, SMP, atau SMK), barang kali Anda bisa menggunakan kotak pencarian di bawah ini.

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