Indoor Activities for Children During the Rainy Season

Fun Indoor Activities for Children

School-age children are generally actively playing. Tired after studying at school, he might want to spend the afternoon playing with friends outside. But there are times when he can not play outside the house and ‘trapped’ in the room, for example when the rainy season arrives.

This fun indoor activity not only keeps your little one busy, but also fun when played either alone or with friends who are visiting. You can also try these exciting indoor game ideas to play together so you can spend quality time with your little one. Not only fun, these games can also stimulate intelligence and development.

1. Play Board Games

You can spend quality time with your child by playing board games such as monopoly, ludo, chess, cards, or solving puzzles together.

2. Make a Photo Collage Album or Scrapbook

Take out your art equipment and teach your child to save memory or reminisce in an exciting way to make a photo collage album or scrapbook from its activities in the past. Children love seeing family photos, so let them choose the photos to be posted. You can decorate it with various accessories such as ribbons, dried flowers, cute stickers, and others. Take out the scissors, glue, and let him create as he pleases.

3. Fun Science Experiments

Science does not always have to be serious and boring. For school-age children, there are many science experiments that are made simple and fun, so they are easy to understand. Even so, you still have to provide supervision and maybe provide further explanation afterwards. This exciting experiment can also be a fun activity to strengthen the bond between you.

4. Watching TV or Movies

As long as the film being watched is carefully chosen and the child gets your assistance, watching TV can also be a fun and rewarding activity. You can choose a family movie that is entertaining while having a moral message for your little one. You can serve hot tea, popcorn, and Danisa Butter Cookies to make this movie time even more fun.

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