3 Different Focus of Academic Level at Global Sevilla

Different Focus of Academic Level at Global Sevilla

Talking about international schools, then you have many choices to go to. But one of the leading institutions providing quality education is Global Sevilla. Students will be divided into several different academic levels to get targeted outcomes at school. But what levels are available at this international school Jakarta? Check out this information here!

Three Academic Level Focuses at Global Sevilla that You Need To Know

1. Kindergarten School

At the most basic level, there is a kindergarten school level. The education provided by Global Sevilla supports the development of children at an early age. For these reasons, the International Early Years Curriculum or IEYC implements this teaching level. The curriculum is intended to help children’s development in aspects, such as cognitive, creativity, motor, and other skills.

The focus of the IEYC curriculum is to provide practical and enjoyable learning. Children will be involved in the class as one of the teaching methods. In this regard, six areas of focus and development are taught. It consists of several focuses, namely physical, language, communication, literacy, knowledge, numeracy, personal development, and creative development.

2. Elementary School

In the next level, you will find the basic level for young students when learning at an international school in Jakarta. It uses active inquiry-based learning with two curricula in it. The effective curriculum names are the International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge Primary as the focus of its teaching. The curriculum is specifically designed to develop academic abilities and creativity.

The teaching focus is balanced because it has creative, thematic, and more comprehensive standards. It is designed for students focused on personal learning and international thinking at ages 3 to 12. The approach and curriculum are expected to educate students to be more active. Also, students are expected to easily learn knowledge that supports further education.

3. Secondary Level

Global Sevilla also has the highest level to study at an advanced level. It includes both junior and senior high school students. At this level, the use of the curriculum is much more complex. It is because the curriculum used is Project and research-based learning. As an outcome, students at international school in Jakarta will learn to undergo an innovative process through projects or research.

Overall, you can tell that each level in Global Sevilla School provides a different approach. The institution applies international standards with the Cambridge Curriculum to teach its students. Thus, different learning focuses at this school are available to support and expand young learner’s understanding according to their respective ages.

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