Send Money to Singapore from Indonesia Safely and Faster Using Transfez

4 Reasons Why You Have to Choose Transfez

Nowadays, with the sophistication of technology, everyone can send money abroad easily. An activity called remittance eliminates the need for people to come to the branch office. One simple way is to use Transfez, one of the best remittance company in Indonesia. Transferring money from Indonesia to Singapore is faster and safer.

Four Reasons Why You Have to Choose Transfez

Transfez is a money transfer application to various countries around the world. Everyone has the same opportunity to continue life even though they are far from family or relatives. Therefore, it is easy to send money for various purposes, such as education and business. Check out the reasons for using it below.

1. Faster

This convenience makes everyone happier because there is no need to bother coming directly to a bank branch or other place to send money. As many people already know, technological sophistication really has a good impact on fast money transfers without obstacles.

The money transfer process will happen quickly. You do not need to queue for a long time like when using the traditional way. Make money transfers to various destinations from Indonesia anywhere and anytime. In certain countries, money transfers will be faster, which only takes a few minutes.

2. Has an Official License

Remittance activity is quite risky because it involves assets that have valuable value. Therefore, in making transfers, you must be able to choose a platform that actually has an official license from the government. That way, users do not have to worry about security.

Every transaction using Transfez is supervised by the Bank of Indonesia or the Financial Services Authority (OJK). With this official license, it will become a legal umbrella as well as a legal form of responsibility. Therefore, the company is able to protect user rights and increase the company’s credibility.

3. Lowest Fees

If it can be more economical why not. That is the principle of many people when carrying out various types of activities that involve transactions. No exception in sending money abroad. Due to several factors, sometimes sending money in a traditional way will be quite expensive.

This will not apply if you are using a money transfer application. The fees offered are lower than other means such as banks. Users can save up to 91%. Apart from that, there are no hidden costs. All calculate fee and exchange rates are transparent.

4. Trustworthy Team

The next reason why you should use the Transfez money transfer application is that a reliable and experienced team manages it. Every transaction from a user that has been supervised by Bank of Indonesia or the Financial Services Authority (OJK) will then be checked more by a trusted team.

User trust and convenience are the most important things in a company. Do not hesitate to ask questions about things you do not understand. That way, the process of sending money transactions becomes easier and more comfortable because users trust the quality of Transfez services.

You must take advantage of the convenience of technology in order to live more efficiently. Use the Transfez application as an easy solution to sending money abroad that is legally licensed. Money transfers are fast and flexible because they can be done anywhere and anytime. If you want to try using Transfez, you can download here.

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